The time of holding back and delaying sustainable choices is coming to an end. Due to stricter environmental regulations and tougher requirements from freighters more and more ship owners will be forced to greening their business in the foreseeable future. We understand as no other that selecting the right sustainable solution for your ship is a time-consuming and challenging task. At Berger Maritiem you are at the right place when it comes to advice for making the right sustainable decisions.


Choosing the right sustainable solution


Choosing the right sustainable solution for your type of ship requires customization. We know as no other that the rule ‘One size fits all’ does not cover the maritime industry. Whether it is an inland waterway vessel, tanker, passenger ship, tugboat, patrol vessel, offshore vessel or mega yacht, each vessel type is different and requires its own sustainable approach. An approach that is often focused on the following four areas: energy efficiency, efficient propulsion, emission reduction and ship recycling.


Advice in the field of energy efficiency


It is not only because of the new rules coming from the first of January 2013 for energy efficiency for ships larger than 400 GT (gross tonnage), but more and more ship owners has placing energy efficiency high or higher on their agenda.


We will be pleased to advice you in optimizing the performance of your existing or newly designed ship. We are not only able to provide you with the right assistance and advice during every phase of the development of your Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP), we have also different ship performance optimization tools on board. For example the Energy Audit and Performance Simulator to optimize the fuel consumption by maximizing energy efficiency.


Besides that, waste heat recovery is a technique we would like to bring to your attention. With a waste heat recovery system you have the possibility of producing energy from the exhaust gas and cooling water of your installed internal combustion engines on board of your ships.



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Advice in the field of efficient propulsion


At Berger Maritiem we are optimizing the vessel’s energy consumption by looking at the design, the vessel’s power and propulsion systems, the integrated systems, and the way that the vessel operates or will operate; meaning we will look at the whole picture. Only in that way from our perspective we can advise and select for our clients the optimal power and most effective propulsion system components which are today, or in the near future, available in the market.


With use of advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software we are able to design the most efficient hull form, bulbous bow and appendages like a ship propeller, ship rudder and with or without a nozzle.



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Advice in the field of emission reduction


Ensuring and demonstrating that business operations maintain good air and water quality and protect the environment is a challenging issue for many shipping companies. We can help you understand and overcome these challenges, protecting your organization’s reputation and above all reducing its cost.


We can advise you in technologies like SCR catalysts, diesel particulate filters and scrubbers.



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Advice in the field of ship recycling


According to the Ship Recycling Regulation (no. 1257/2013), which will enter into force on 30 December 2013, the installation or use of certain hazardous materials on ships like asbestos, ozone-depleting substances, PCBs, PFOS, and anti-fouling compounds and systems, will be prohibited or restricted. Each seagoing vessel of 500 GT and above, flying the flag of the EU Member State and to ships flying the flag of the third country calling at EU ports or anchorages, will be required to have on board an up-to-date inventory of hazardous materials (IHM) verified by the relevant administration or authority and specifying the location and approximate quantities of those materials.


At Berger Maritiem you can rely on the expertise of our selected DNV GL Approved HazMat Experts to get an up-to-date inventory of hazardous materials (IHM) / ready for recycling certificate.



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Funding and forms of financing


In case you have a new technology, idea or concept you want to apply, we can help you in investigating the potential availability of funding and forms of financing. Berger Maritiem has the right in-house experience to investigate the potential availability of funding and forms of financing. We will provide you with thorough advice based on a practical approach. We are creative, original and distinctive. Therefore we are also familiar with less obvious types of funding and forms of financing.


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